Thursday, June 7, 2012

UniBul Merchant Services Launches New Website

UniBul Merchant Services posted a new press release today. Text below.

UniBul Merchant Services Launches New Website

UniBul Merchant Services, a provider of credit card processing services to US-based businesses, announces the launch of its new website.

Boston, MA – UniBul Merchant Services announced today the launch of its completely redesigned website - Its main goal is to help educate US-based merchants on the basics of credit card processing, explain what payment processing costs consist of and offer concrete, customized payment solutions.

The visually pleasing design features an embedded Flash introduction video, which can only be played if the visitor elects to. A conscious effort has been made to stay away from flashy signs and oversize action buttons to ensure a relaxed experience for all visitors.

New merchants looking for payment acceptance capabilities and established businesses in search for better alternatives to the solution they currently have, will find it very easy to locate the information they are looking for. From the home page they can easily navigate to review the card processing basics, processing rates, fraud protection tools, chargeback management solutions, gift card programs and frequently asked questions.

A special emphasis has been given to the educational side of the website. At the Card Processing Basics page, visitors will find a detailed description of the stages every card transaction goes through. A diagram has been added for better understanding. Merchants can clearly see all parties involved in the process and how and when they transact with one another. At the Chargeback Management page, visitors will find a diagram, representing the chargeback cycle, a description of the process and an explanation of the causes and potential remedies that can be implemented. A list of manuals and available tools for chargeback management is included as an additional resource.

One of the most important additions to the website is the new Payment Card Acceptance Best Practices Guide. It is developed to help online merchants process transactions in a way that is compliant with the latest industry regulations for protecting cardholders’ personal information and verification of the validity of transactions. It includes a thorough examination of the new MasterCard and Visa regulations on gathering, storing and managing sensitive personal information when processing credit and debit card payments. It offers concrete steps businesses need to take to be in compliance and to ensure lowest transaction costs as a result.

Included in the sidebar of the website is a link to UniBul Merchant Services’ new Facebook page. All visitors are encouraged to visit and share their experiences as customers, make suggestions, give advice or just hang out.

The newly redesigned website is a big step forward for the young payment processing provider. The fresh look and professional touch are sure to attract positive feedback and, as the management hopes, more new customers.

UniBul Merchant Services is a Boston, MA-based Independent Sales Organization (ISO), registered with Visa and MasterCard as a provider of payment processing services for US businesses.

UniBul Merchant Services

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